Wind, Hydro & Sun Energy Services is an O&M service provider for renewable energy projects, with a manufacturer-independent SCADA system, developed in-house.  

Our team started working with small hydro power plants, operated more than 20 wind turbine models from over 10 manufacturers and several solar PV power plants,. 

With trained and experienced technicians, WHS is suited to perform a wide range of tasks including asset management, operation and maintenance, construction support, technical inspection and consultancy on any renewable energy project.  

The ability to challenge manufacturers, optimize asset performance and run then in post warranty period is a key differentiating factor supported on experience as well as deep technological know-how and understanding.


Our team started as part of Enersis Group, which developed, built and operated over 1.1 GW of own renewable energy assets and delivered over 500MW of third party projects as commercial and technical consultant.  

During this period, we have acquired unparallel knowledge of the upsides and challenges of multiple renewable technologies.  

The need for a manufacturer-independant SCADA was noticed as soon as we started to get in-depth view of the preventive and corrective maintenance taks, leading to an in-house SCADA development team.  

In 2005 the group was acquired by an international investment group, wich subsquently divested the majority of it's hydro busines in 2007 and the rest of the business in 2008. By then, Enersis management team acquired some of the portuguese asesets and the right to the Enersis brand, re-establishing itself as an experienced and knowledgeable team. 

In 2011, in order to pursue a strong internationalization strategy and focus on external clients, it turned into an independent player.